Partner Success Story with AWS

Stellar Support from a Reliable Partner HSG benefits from AWS predominantly in two ways. The fintech provider’s development and implementation of cloud-native SaaS solutions involve considerable interactions with clients and their customers located overseas. The solidity of the AWS architecture enables overseas projects can be easily carried out on the AWS cloud. This makes product […]

Client Success Story with CBI Money

A Cross-Border Growth Engine “To be truly global, we needed to meet the regulatory and compliance requirements of authorities in different regions. The credibility of the platform and the HSG’s ingenuity enabled us to roll out our fintech products in the EU through GDPR-compliant cloud services,” says Sam Su, CEO, CBI Money. Su goes on […]

HiSun Global Success Story with Airstar Bank

The HKMA believes that the development of virtual banks will promote fintech and innovation in Hong Kong and offer a new kind of customer experience. Xiaomi Corporation, the global IoT leader, and AMTD Group, Asia’s leading comprehensive financial services conglomerate, noticed a need to promote financial inclusion in Hong Kong. Virtual banking is a key […]

Macao Development Bank

Macao as a region was showing prime conditions for a bank that could offer innovative financial services. Our goal was to fill that space. And we wanted to draw on some of the business elements of the traditional banking model, but also reconcile them with modern ways of doing things. That would allow us to […]