Facilitate greater diversity and enhance customer convenience with an agile, cloud-ready solution

Deliver fast transactions and wide choices of payment options for greater convenience and versatility while financial institutions are able to innovate along with increasing customer expectations.

Streamline All Payment Processes with End-to-End Functionality

The advanced, cloud-native infrastructure of the HSG Payment solution contains modules that comprehensively cover the different processes required for each transaction. By automating repetitive and rule-based operations to contribute to faster payments, the need for manual intervention can be reduced while making for a more fluid

Serve complex enterprise-level needs efficiently

Inward and outward remittance are supported by the solution’s payment gateway, which manages incoming and outgoing messages, while the payment module handles the complete processing phase.

True customer centricity with digital payment technology

The customer-facing features of the HSG Payment Provider & Merchant solution operate on a simple and user-friendly interface that has a smart layout and is easily navigable, with customisable graphics and functionality for adapting to different markets. The in-built analytics present clients with the ability to identify opportunities for encouraging greater convenience to promote retention.

Enhance payment security with robust safety measures

The assured digital certificates safety of the solution provides merchants and payment providers with comprehensive transaction validity checks. Adding further safety measures and protection, advanced encryption and decryption at different critical phases of each transaction ensure security of sensitive data and immediate identification of fraudulent payments.


The HSG Payment Provider & Merchant solution offers sufficiently versatile system to deliver on this expectation, automate processes for efficiency, and capitalise on more broadly capable infrastructure to serve the needs of a wider range of clientele.

Foreign Currency Exchange

The HSG Payment solution interfaces with SWIFT alliance, maximizing compatibility with global markets. Likewise, the solution allows for reconciliation of internal processes with third parties for efficient record keeping.

Remittance and Transfer

Providers and merchants with the enterprise needs as acquiring solutions and remittance can use the HSG Payment solution’s versatile capabilities. The solution supports flexible fee calculations and means of charging.

E-Wallet & Payments

Offers a wide selection of options for customer payments, maximizing convenience, including traditional ATM and POS channels, along with others that leverage digital banking and widespread mobile phone and wearable adoption through QR codes and NFC to expand choices.

Merchant Acquiring System

Clients can achieve centralised control over all merchants, with the acquisition solution enabling both account setup and maintenance. This makes it possible to receive real-time reporting and intercept errant transactions when the need arises.

Clients running on Payment Provider and Merchant solution