Enable retail banks to innovate and develop new products cost-efficiently via cloud-ready technologies

In HSG, keeping pace in the evolving retail banking landscape is made possible with a sufficiently agile engine and the capacity to enable new functionalities.

Reduced IT Costs

Adopting a more efficient core system allows you to recognize points of resource wastage and plan strategies to address them. As a cloud-ready solution, the solution comes without the high operating costs of legacy systems, which are made yet more expensive by the difficulty of updating, troubleshooting, and repairing them. This results in the HSG Retail Banking solution continues to keep costs minimal even during growth periods, with easy and affordable scaling that matches precise resource needs.

Accelerated Time to Market

The customizable design of the HSG Retail Banking solution supports expedited product development, from ideation to prototyping to implementation. Retail bank clients can adapt their new products to their market at each phase of development, while at the same time ensuring complete adherence to regulatory provisions. With APIs, retail banks can also achieve faster integration, making certain that their latest offerings fit seamlessly into their entire framework to enable complete alignment.

Ecosystem Collaboration

As products are innovated to provide further value to customers, communication across the entire system, from the frontend to the backend, becomes increasingly essential. The API-driven architecture of the HSG Retail Banking solution facilitates the interconnectedness needed for a functional ecosystem that eliminates inefficient silos and supports collaboration throughout the entire system.


Recognizing retail banks’ need to retain strong customer relationships, the solution focuses on enabling the functionality and insights to engage customers in effective ways and with appropriate offers. The native analytics allow for an in-depth understanding of customer behaviour, making it clearer what products to upsell your clients. Attracting entirely new customers is made easy with comprehensive digital onboarding, after which they can be offered relevant products based on data gathered early in the customer journey.


Achieving the competitiveness with a core that continually provides existing customers with innovative products, while consistently capturing new ones.


The most widely-adopted omnichannel feature by our clients – not only because of its all-inclusive nature, but for its flexibility on cloud-computing migration across the FinTech space as a turn-key solution.


A comprehensive e-banking suite created by advanced engineering. The suite offers a complete solution for online banking operation and procedures, while helping our clients to extend and develop a digital-focused proposition.

Payment & Remittance

The new generation of payment and remittance technology which supports our clients’ needs for a fast-than-ever business growth and maximizing operation efficiencies. It is designed to transform and mobilize the landscape of money-transfer.


A total information management service covering the complete life cycle of loan origination risk management, loan underwriting and loan servicing with a full spectrum of advanced features.

Card Issuing

Facilitating the issuance of debit and credit card with ease while providing an extensive range of core, customer centric functions including receipt management, customer marketing and customer credit management.

Remote Onboarding / eKYC

Offering a swift method for a greater convenience in system migration with the expectations and security of a physical branch, along with e-KYC and robust customer identification functionality for enhanced anti-fraud capabilities.

Clients running on Retail Banking Solution​