Ease payments with cloud technology

Served by an expansion of payment options and an increase in the efficiency in the efficiency of payment processing. The HSG Payment facilitates both, enabling customers to receive greater convenience and versatility of payment choices while banks are able to offer more innovative products that boost engagement and retention.

Key offerings of HSG Payment

Bill & Mobile Payment

A simple and user-friendly experience that are easy to use with comprehensive functions supporting various channels ranging from e-wallet, online portals and NFC.


Ensuring a seamless transferring experience with our Payment Gateway and Payment Module, which oversee and manage the whole outgoing and incoming remittance messages, route handling and connection to local payment recipients.

Card Issuing

An all-inclusive omni-channel suite of functions covering the management of card and customers, account management, multi-currency support, while making sure 100% compliance and 24/7 regulation monitoring with industry standard.

Faster Payment System (FPS)

Introduced by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA), the HSG Payment streamlines the integration process of existing or established payment services into this centralized system for real-life applications. Such integration can further enhance clients’ desire for consumption.

How HSG Payment addresses the key challenges of clients

Increased efficiency and oversight throughout the entire payment lifecycle​

We provide visibility into and control over the whole payment lifecycle, from initiation to processing to settlement. This enables banks to single out and address process inefficiencies, contributing to a more satisfying customer experience.

Reduce friction and raise engagement and loyalty with seamless, innovative payment experiences

The HSG Payment’s versatility empowers clients to offer a wider range of payment options, reducing customer friction and increasing convenience at transaction points. The Payment Product’s varied channels, including online portals, e-wallet, NFC and wearables present customers with an expansive list of means to complete their payments, encouraging them to make purchases using the bank’s offerings. In addition, HSG Payment integrates with third-party and FinTech’s—including WeChat and AliPay in Hong and Macau, plus many others globally providing greater ease of payments to customers.

Meet growing business needs and customer expectations with ready scalability

Based on a microservices architecture, the HSG Payment creates the flexibility to meet exact business needs, eliminating the risk of clients overspending on resources not yet needed. And when business requirements expand to require greater resource availability, the cloud nativity of the HSG Payment ensures that banks upscale quickly.

By providing a strong foundation for sustaining rapid customer acquisition, our clients can further leverage this flexibility to roll out new and innovative payment functionality to differentiate against competitors and offer increasing convenience.

Provide solid security and customer protection

We ensure that even as the bank facilitates greater customer convenience for making payments, it woud still maintain robust security measures. The eKYC features effectively validate customer identity before customer interaction, maximizing the chances of identifying potentially fraudulent purchases in time to intercept them with the support from an advanced customer authorisation protocol set to require biometric approval and tokenization for enhanced security.