HSG 2023 Highlights

Year in Review

Look back at 2023 and a Look Forward at 2024

In 2023 despite the worldwide economic unpredictability, HiSun Global(HSG) stays true to its initial goal of “FinTech Going Overseas,” keeps exploring foreign markets, and is dedicated to offering specific FinTech services and solutions to various clients in various regions.

In the last year, we have effectively entered new country markets and broadened our market reach. Regarding product services, we have made significant strides in e-banking, payment processing, and mainframe downsizing in addition to offering products associated with the core banking system. We appreciate your trust and would want to thank you! We appreciate the resounding backing from our partners!

HSG is a fintech company that offers a range of integrated “product + implementation” services. We prioritise customer centricity and are dedicated to creating lasting, sustainable “strategic partnerships” with our clients. HSG is a fintech firm specialising in a range of integrated product and implementation services.

We are committed to creating enduring, sustainable strategic partnerships with our clients, focussed on long-term collaboration and providing cutting-edge products.

We place emphasis on customer-centricity and strive to establish lasting and sustainable strategic partnerships with our clients.

We are dedicated to establishing enduring and viable “strategic partnerships” with our valuable clients. Our focus lies on elaborate cooperation and providing customised innovative offerings that align with their distinctive traits, while fostering their progress.

In a market that is constantly evolving, various clients aim to present unparalleled products and services, compelling us to concentrate on enhancing differentiation capabilities throughout our complete assortment of products and services. Firstly, we work hand in hand with our customers to develop tailored items that account for their individual traits and distinct necessities, drawing on established standard products as a basis.

Furthermore, we reinforce our local assistance by setting up branches and service teams in different areas to guarantee timely, effective and reliable services tailored to meet our customers’ specific needs. Secondly, we have optimised our product solutions to meet our clients’ needs and provide them with a suitable solution. During the past year, we have enhanced our product solutions to meet the rising demand of our customers as follows:

Digital Core Banking

Digitalisation is an indispensable development direction for the banking industry in order to improve efficiency, reduce costs and create more opportunities for innovation and development to meet changing customer needs and market trends. As the centre of banking business support, the core business system of a bank must be equipped with digital capabilities, including: cloud deployment support and cloud native, open banking, rapid product deployment, efficient automated process handling, strong security compliance, and more. In 2023, we made continuous optimisation and enhancement of our core banking systems to better support the digital transformation of commercial banks and to help emerging online digital banks achieve rapid opening and business expansion.

Mobile Financial Services

The ability to offer customers convenient and rich mobile financial services has a direct impact on the business development of financial institutions, as mobile payment and e-wallet services have transformed both traditional financial service methods and customer consumption habits. In order to give our clients more comprehensive product services, we have developed a unified mobile development platform over the past year, based on the same technical foundation, and we have been continuously enhancing and improving the business applications. As of right now, we offer a number of product services, including e-banking, payment, acquiring, wallets, and so forth.

Migration to Cloud

An increasing number of businesses are switching from traditional technological architecture to cloud computing because it offers a more adaptable and scalable infrastructure at a lower cost of upkeep. As of right present, every one of our product solutions supports cloud deployment and has cloud-native features to help customers with their cloud strategy. In the meantime, we offer solutions to automatically convert to the cloud for specific customers with outdated application architectures and challenging system reconstruction. This allows customers to migrate to the cloud without difficulty, break free from outdated technology, and quickly realize application modernization.

Financial Technology (FinTech) Products and Services for non-banking Financial institutions ("NBFI")

The rise of financial technology (fintech) has been a major driver of innovation in non-banking financial services. An increasing number of non-banking organizations have been offering their clients online financial services that are more practical and effective in recent years. For NBFI, relying on our deep understanding of the banking industry, and on the basis of the traditional banking system, we have developed corresponding product solutions to meet the special needs of this type of customers in terms of fast deposit/withdrawal, virtual account structure, and digital currency clearing and settlement.

Over the past year, HSG has successfully served its clients by upholding the “customer first” principle. In the coming year, We intend to work even harder and keep providing our clients with top-notch financial product and servicesr!

——Mr. Terry Liang, CEO of HSG

Use Case-"Digital Core Banking"

HSG and Laos-China Bank Forge Strategic Partnership for “New Generation Core Banking System Project Portfolio Implementation Program”

On 24 April 2024 in Vientiane, Laos, Hi Sun Fintech Global Limited (HSG) and Laos-China Bank (LCNB) have signed a cooperation agreement for the “New Generation Core Banking System Project Portfolio Implementation Program.” The agreement marks a crucial milestone in the collaboration between HSG and LCNB, aimed at driving technological innovation, enhancing operational efficiency, and delivering exceptional customer experiences. Through this partnership, we seek to strengthen the foundation of financial technology, empowering banks to generate value and fostering economic and financial cooperation between China and Laos under the “One Belt, One Road” strategy.

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