An absolute loan-cycle support

Everything from loan origination, risk management, underwriting, and servicing should be built into an advanced user interface and provide complete support from beginning to end. HSG offers this, along with significant functionality to focus on document submission processes, credit management, risk management, limits and disbursements, and much more. Our complete, all-in-one system provides everything in a single, convenient location.

Key offerings of HSG Loan

Comprehensive loan and service types

The HSG Loan provides the concrete infrastructure with diversity to facilitate an extensive types of loan products such as personal loans, Small-Medium-Enterprise loans, individual loan drawdown and syndicated loans.

All-round support features

Ranging from online and offline business management processes via our multiple service channels to the support for various products to diverse industry sectors including but not limited to banks, finance companies, and internet-based finance solutions. Allowing customer-centric decision making based on the implementation of individual modules or comprehensive suite deployment.

Full process management

Complete life-cycle process coverage and loan administration management of loan originations, both with collateral-secured and unsecured loans or lines of credit along with the wrap-up processing regarding overdue payments, collections, and non-performance loan processes.

How HSG Loan addresses the key challenges of clients

Flexibility and Agility​

Our proprietary SaaS system allows you to leverage a cloud-based architecture while implementing a ‘plug & play’ strategy that can display or swap out elements with easily customizable source code. This unique and complete system makes managing customers and individual loans a truly one-of-a-kind experience based on the borrower’s specific needs.

Speed and Accuracy

Our system provides a simple, easy-to-use platform built with useful API integrations. Our approach enables clients to deploy financial products that meet industry rules and compliance requirements quickly and accurately.

Continual Updates and Improvements

HSG promises regular releases of increased security, functionality, and capabilities with high-level standards for accuracy, ease-of-use, and dependability. These features are accessible upon release and always delivered as essential elements to basic-level upgrades. All updates install in real-time with no system downtime, which ensures that all customer services and banking operations can continue, as usual, completely unaffected.

Survival of Challenging Market Conditions

Cost models of new entrants are primarily different from existing status quo operations of established banks. HSG’s modern digital banking systems and architecture provide plenty of opportunities for full automation, providing highly beneficial customer products and services at a much more financially efficient setup.