Leverage intelligent cloud-ready technology to equip portfolio managers with tools for enhanced client outcomes

Far-reaching shifts in technology, access to financial information and consumer behaviour have fuelled growth of more sophisticated instruments, engagement and insights from a cloud-ready, data-rich and analytically empowered systems.

Comprehensive Prediction

Maximizing client retention continues to grow dependent on encouraging consistent engagement with intelligent insights. Auto-generated securities market insights – statistical comparisons and market monitoring, and relevant financial events – giving clients crucial context that helps them better understand their portfolio, and in turn maintain engagement with the bank. Virtual agent interaction enabled within the solution gives an easy method to tap the human expertise of wealth managers for greater insight, further encouraging retention.

Auto-generated Advisory

Responding to growing client needs for regular advisory, suggestions for customer’s portfolios are automatically generated along with discretionary auto-trading. This supports wealth managers in their decisions while giving clients the constant information flow they are trending towards and acts as a differentiator to better serve prime tier customers as the first practical use case, as well as illustrating the points of interest with general introduction of banking products and services to the customers.

Customisable and Scalable

HSG offers a fittingly customisable system that enables customers to build around the features most critical to their clients. As a result, wealth management offerings become more attractive to the target clients. The cloud-enabled scalability of the solution means banks can continually develop and introduce new products both cost-effectively and at scale, presenting opportunities to capture greater share of wallet among the HNW segments, who are given new ways to diversify their portfolios.

Swift Adaptation to Market Changes

The agility of the HSG Wealth Management and Private Banking solution gives portfolio managers the ability to quickly adapt to regulatory changes and continue managing their client’s wealth portfolio with minimal disruption. When consumer behaviour shifts and presents new opportunities for customers to either capitalize or insulate themselves, the agility of the system is just as able to fuel the needed adaptation.

Reduced Costs and Less Complexity

The cloud-readiness nature of the solution drastically cuts costs, both those of day-to-day operations and the less regular ones incurred with scaling and response to market events. This creates savings opportunities previously unattainable while relying on legacy systems. Likewise, portfolio managers can streamline their processes, cutting out unnecessary bottlenecks to drive better client engagement and relationships. And APIs facilitate seamless communication between the various integrations they use.


Differentiate and offer robust wealth management products to leverage the yet more sophisticated and client-sensitive capabilities of the HSG Wealth Management and Private Banking solution.

Virtual Agent Interactions

Virtual agent interactions with push actions are automatically deployed to drive customer engagement on the back of this comprehensive functionality, significantly contributing to higher retention.

Market Insights & Trading Patterns

Manager-supporting and customer-engaging insights collated through an intelligent data model, fed by intelligent market monitoring. This is further adapted to individual portfolios, tracking such relevant events as corporate actions, margin calls, and trading patterns.

Portfolio Driven Financial Events

The machine tells and shows customers points of interest derived from extensive but inexpensive data-crunching, aiding their outcomes while introducing them to further banking products and services.

Portfolio Monitoring

Market insights and portfolio advisory, powered by a machine learning-driven Robot Know Your Customer (RKYC) application allows a 360 monitoring of clients’ portfolio without missing the slightest aspects.

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