A robust, flexible back-end engine

Keeping up with evolving customer expectations, increasing retention and maintaining the bandwidth to develop, roll out and scale new banking products requires an agile back-end system. The HSG Banking Engine enables the bank to strengthen its core, while facilitating new capabilities for innovation and greater customer engagement and satisfaction.

Key offerings of HSG Banking Engine


The SOA architecture provides a flexible framework for the numerous back-end applications used by the bank, while achieving simplicity in their processes with extensive and unified coverage for all critical service groups. The API-led architecture provides effective data flow control, with each integration connected to both the system and the database.

Report management system

The comprehensive system monitoring offered by the HSG Banking Engine gives banks increased insight into their system, revealing opportunities for streamlining to enable greater cost-effectiveness and overall performance.

Image management system

This is further supported by an Imaging Management System, which facilitates tracking and retrieval of unstructured and visual customer data, including application forms, documents and signatures.

Message platform

A self-contained Messaging Platform allows for easy and convenient engagement with customers, with insights gathered across their various use cases immediately accessible to guide the engagement to the best outcome.

Parameter management platform

Centralized parameter management with major functions of parameters categorization and centralized view, parameters updating process and access authorization management, parameter’s automatic effectiveness and outbound system interface updating etc.


A suite of essential tools supporting the overall product development cycle which enables effective, real-time back-end activities and maximizing resource usage as well as system uptime.

How HSG Banking Engine addresses the key challenges of clients

Establish greater connectivity, cost-effectiveness and agility.

As a cloud-native solution, the HSG Banking Engine allows the bank to achieve a cost-effective approach to scaling, as clients only increase their infrastructure needs to match the precise growth they’re experiencing, overcoming the resource over-expenditure that is common with legacy systems.

Gain constant visibility into the back-end with in-depth system monitoring and reports.

The intensive system logging to apply context to all data gathered throughout the monitoring process, empowers banks not just with a more capable back-end but with the insights necessary to customise processes to boost systems-wide performance. An analytics platform built into the HSG Banking Engine provides the bank with automated insights into how their back-end and all integrations are operating, making it possible to detect areas in need of further resource allocation. This information can also be accessed after generating through the reporting module for further human analysis.

Achieve full regulatory adherence and customer protection with secure infrastructure.

Supported by AI-powered AML and anti-fraud applications, the bank’s back-end processes receive sufficient protection and timely warning in case of suspicious activity, with built-in measures to support interception. The functionality is scalable to meet the more extensive needs of enterprise banking, with the robustness to stretch the intelligent security features to offer full coverage to multiple users accessing the same account.