A 360 view of customer activities

Customer 360 follows the vast and diverse data trails left by customers after each touchpoint, centralizing both unstructured and structured data to enable new capabilities for the bank and enhance efficiency. Gaining a complete overview and detailed, data-derived picture of customer activity.

Key offerings of HSG Customer 360


HSG Customer 360 enables farther-reaching KYC and due diligence measures to quickly identify potentially fraudulent transactions and raise alarm before processing.

AI-powered AML

Machine learning supports real-time tracking of individual transactions, monitoring transaction velocity at each IP, device-identifying data, and information from third parties to critically evaluate transaction validity. The system also uses customer biometrics to further enhance KYC capabilities.

Innovative CRM

The broad CRM functions of HSG Customer 360 enable a clearer customer-facing view through analyses of basic data, credibility, risk management and other relevant points of interest to build a more detailed portrait of the customers which providing opportunities to deliver personalised service, leveraging omnichannel reach to engage the customer through their contact method of choice.

Customized Credit Limit Control

Enables Credit Limit Control from a central system, while allowing banks the flexibility to customise it according to different categories. Credit limits can be set and overseen per country, industry, currency, and even individual products or specific customers.

Enterprise Customer Info (ECIF)

Enterprise customer info provides a 360-degree, consolidated view of the customer, accounting for different probable scenarios and customer use cases, along with consideration for different dimensions of their experience.

Robot Advisor

The robot who knows your customers and basic banking information to quickly respond to customers’ points of interest and general introduction of banking product & services.

How HSG Customer 360 addresses the key challenges of clients

Robust customer security and improved regulatory.

  • Real-time tracking and monitoring of individual transactions
  • Evaluation of transaction validity
  • Compatible with biometrics to further enhance KYC capabilities

Greater personalization opportunities and customer engagement.​

Banks can use the data for performance management, evaluating all actions taken in relation to the customer and possible modifications to enable higher effectiveness.

The AI-driven functionality of the CRM also enables insight-led suggestions to customers on additional banking products, raising acceptance rates, share of wallet and revenues.

In-depth personalization at scale with ECIF.​

The API-based architecture of HSG Customer 360 supports integration, communication and data sharing with other applications the bank uses, facilitating seamless functionality across the whole system.