Encourage financial inclusion backed by smart lending with an intelligent solution

A diversely deployable solution that helps lending institutions achieve widen their financial inclusivity while minimising risk exposure with options to operate on a private or hybrid cloud or on the premises of the money lender.

Robust risk profiling and credit decisioning model

The risk profiling capabilities of the HSG Money Lender solution are powered by extensive analytics, enabling intelligent and hyper-precise risk forecasting to aid in the credit application process. It is designed to automate credit decisioning with no manual oversight, eliminating potential for human error in credit fitness evaluation and is fully compatible with an extensive range of credit types powered by its machine learning feature. The continuous self-update and credit evaluation processes support transparent risk discrimination and greater financial inclusivity.

Driven by comprehensive data and relevant, contextual insights

For greater insights into the applicant’s credit-worthiness, the HSG Money Lender solution draws on other non-typical data sources and instantly applying context to create a fuller picture of each applicant. This ensures that customers with little information available through traditional third-party risk information providers still receive comprehensively considered applications.

Full process management

The solution supports loans and their administration and management, factoring in loan issuance, the repayment plan, the interest rate, and the whole repayment schedule as well as features that support various forms of the wrap-up process. Such integrative process allows money lenders to oversee and adjust where necessary to fit new information or developments for each customers, segment, or geographic without missing any critical elements.

Agility to implement multiple lending strategies and reconfigurations

The highly adaptive nature of the solution allows money lenders to switch their systems to quickly adapt to changes in regulatory statutes with speed to minimise disruption to their operation, as well as reflecting changes in the market onto their lending products. Additionally, modular deployment supports implementation of individual systems or the entire suite at once, or a gradual upscaling to bridge the two strategies.


With compliances to regulatory requirements, the components of HSG Money Lender allow customisable lending products that reflects sensitivity to local market. And processing applications with speed and precision require a data-riches, analytically powerful lending system.

Robust workflow engine

The workflow engine enables visual workflow configuration in support of both automatic and manual task nodes. Varies of common lending assignment methods and tools are inclusive in the task nodes ranging from full process lifecycle management & monitoring, rich process forms and task assignment algorithm.

Rule engine for risk control

The build-in engine supports parameterizable configuration of rules which enables automated loan approvals, including visual configuration rules and defining rules using universal code scripts. Experience a hassle-free decision making process with our visualization tools, scorecard and other rules definitions.

Limit management

The solution takes management of credit limit lifecycle as the main axis, and establishes the management system where all accounted functions are integrated.

Administration support

At HSG, we understand the hassle to manage a complete loan cycle and our suite of administration tools are here to minimize the trouble – with the suite of toolkits including loan change class, accounting processing, capital transaction, transaction reversal and other essential components to keep your business thriving.

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