Company Profile

Hi Sun FinTech Global Limited (HSG) is a technology company specialise in fintech and system implementation, providing “turn-key” solution and digital transformation services for Financial Services Industry (FSI). We are one of the major subsidiaries of Hi Sun Technology (China) Limited (“Hi Sun”, stock code: 818.hk), a leading IT solution provider in Mainland China for payment, finance and telecommunications.

In March 2020, Hi Sun specifically established HSG in Hong Kong, as a subsidiary to focus on overseas business expansion. With headquarter based in Shenzhen, the company aims to embrace opportunities and enhance its presence in the overseas market.

Our history developing and implementing pioneering technologies spans over 20 years, with numerous projects in China and more than 30 carried out overseas. We help established banks migrate to new, more efficient core systems. We assist virtual banks with building their offering and its various features. We assist fintech companies with the tools and expertise needed to expand their services.

HSG is differentiated by banking domain expertise, rich and deeply held values, and a solid commitment to offering innovative solutions that ensure our clients’ success. Our work and longstanding position as a thought leader has allowed us to be recognised as one of China’s Top 100 leading IT solution providers.

The HSG Approach

Across all projects, our approach is collaborative. We communicate and work together with clients at all phases of the project, from ideation and strategy to implementation and integration. At each stage, our collaboration with clients ensures that the system is customized to their unique products and market. And we apply our extensive international experience to ensure complete regulatory adherence. Our client relationships continue after launch, as we provide strong service support to further ensure success as the financial services products begin to scale.

Our Values


At HSG, our staff carry a desire to exceed client expectations, which is the driving force behind our track record in implementing systems that overachieve and provide maximum value to clients and, by extension, the end-customer.


Our experienced and dedicated staff work in an environment of open learning, enabling them to develop original, dynamic and constantly evolving solutions to clients’ unique challenges.


Likewise, a commitment to innovation is at the heart of our mission to continually deliver exceptional service. Our ongoing research helps us discover more modern and effective ways of refining our systems to provide greater efficiency to clients.

As a global FinTech company, we are committed to embracing customer-centric and cost-effective digital solutions brought by new technologies. Our aim is to make banking easy and simple for customers.