A truly cloud-driven solution for Fintech transformation

Facilitates quicker time-to-market with the ease of new bank establishment and product development with HSG Virtual Banking solution.

Customise banking products for the best market fit and regulatory compliance

The microservices architecture of the HSG Virtual Banking solution empowers clients to customise their products to maximise appropriateness for the needs of customers. New banks can leverage the flexibility to offer innovative, pioneering digital banking products, with the ease of integrating them ensured by integrations with APIs. At the same time, virtual banks can ensure that their products and features meet regulatory requirements, contributing to faster license approval.

Achieve business growth while retaining cost-effectiveness

The SaaS model of the Virtual Banking solution supports steady and rapid scaling of challenger banks after launch. They can acquire new cloud resources according to their exact needs to limit usage and expenses, with more immediately available as their needs grow. That applies not just to the core of the business as a whole, but to individual services that are fast acquiring users and need greater bandwidth. That highly targeted scaling is made possible by the composability of the micro-services architecture.

Quick and convenient acquisition

The extensive e-KYC of the HSG Virtual Banking solution enables remote onboarding of customers, through an easily understood and navigable app or portal through which customer biometrics are captured for securely identifying customers once accounts are opened. The remote onboarding features provide customers with sufficient information as they open and set up accounts, offering a comparable level of service to opening a bank at a physical branch. Virtual banks are then able to quickly acquire new customers immediately after launch.

Engage customers based on Data-drive insights

The comprehensive E-CIF offers all relevant customer information needed for new banks to offer personalised engagement that promotes greater retention. Using information from early in the customer journey and the different data points gathered throughout the customer’s interactions with the bank, offers can be provided based on those that the customer is likely to find most relevant. This increases the chances of further adoption of the bank’s products.


Build and launch a revolutionary bank from scratch on a cloud-ready SaaS solution, with a complete suite of digital banking features, supported by a strong, agile system.

Hi Sun Banking Suite

A SOA based system with proven record of usage and successful implementation. Support ‘Universal Bank’ business scope with comprehensive suite of modules. The suite provides our clients the backbone on utilizing the essential functions of a banking institution, while keeping one step ahead in the game with digitalization.

eKYC and remote onboarding

Ensures that virtual banking products and features meet regulatory requirements, contributing to faster license approval. This, combined with ease of developing new products with the HSG Virtual Banking solution, facilitates quick time-to-market for new banks and the automation of AML features to secure customer accounts and deposits along with more accurate credit scoring and decisioning.

E-payment and remittance

Our Virtual Banking solution is based on principles of security, safety, ease of use, and innovative banking. The e-wallet and remittance components allow access to credit and debit card data in one easy platform. The global business community can expect to benefit from cross-border collaboration that enables timely payment from customers.

End-to-end operation support

All functionality needed to launch and operate the new bank is available. That includes the back-end, with critical functions such as basic operation management, task-scheduling and system monitoring. It also accounts for the front-end, with new banks able to customise the app or portal to provide a smooth and feature-rich user experience for customers.

Implementation of Virtual Banking Solution