Support and empower enterprises with a diversely capable system that enables quick, convenient and safe carrying out of banking procedures

In the world where digital progression takes place in a blink of an eye, an exhaustive suite of modules developed on an advanced architecture that is essential for modern digital banking for enterprises would be the key the stay ahead of the game. With HSG Corporate Banking solution, you can access to a full spectrum of corporate-level banking components with ease and manage risks efficiently and finance your plans for growth with sustainability.

Straight-Through Processing

Straight-through processing (STP) gives enterprises the ability to quicken payments and transfers, with little to minimal human intervention required. This enables staff to focus on more customer-critical tasks while also offering more convenient ways to transfer funds within and outside the organization, allowing a truly automatic end-to-end banking system on a corporate level and provide more agile cross-product offers with integrated pricing and credit management.

Open API

The open API architecture of the HiSun Banking Suite (HBS) Core for corporate is built on a foundation of open APIs, allowing for quick and seamless integration with different applications used by the enterprise. This eliminates silos and facilitates safe information sharing to produce more efficient outcomes, and it promotes an agile system that is quickly able to evolve and acquire new capabilities. The API based architecture supports integration, communication and data sharing with other applications for further innovation.


The HSG corporate banking solution follows the vast and diverse data trails of customers after each touchpoint, centralising both unstructured and structured data to enable new capabilities for clients and enhance efficiency. At the same time, the solution plays a critical role formulating detailed and far-reaching analytic applications that help with mining insights for ironing out process inefficiencies and identifying areas where enterprises can maximize resource usage.

Omnichannel Experience

The diverse e-channels provided by the solution for corporate enable service delivery with a more cost-effective approach, allowing enterprises to achieve wider and more cost-effective means of carrying out banking processes, communicating with stakeholders and managing relationships effectively. Whereas with the application of technologies in different channels that connect banks and clients, it enables insight-led suggestions to customers on additional banking products, raising acceptance rates, share of wallet and revenues.


Reimagine banking with digital technologies and accelerate a truly digital corporate banking experience and reimagine businesses from the comprehensive suite of HSG Corporate Banking solution.

HBS-Core for Enterprise

HBS-Core for enterprise provides the core banking system that serves as the bedrock for all front-to-end processes while encompassing the middleware. Its API-driven architecture offers the capability to be nimble and agile with innovating and scaling their products seamlessly. As a cloud-native solution, HBS-Core for enterprise carries vastly lower overhead than legacy systems, making it a significantly more cost-effective solution.

E-Banking for Corporate

With e-Banking for corporate, enterprises can remotely carry out critical activities such as account enquiry, fund transfer to accounts both locally and across regions, payments through wide-ranging options, as well as scheduled and batch transfers. In addition, this component also supports back-office processes for increased efficiency across the whole framework.

Trade Finance

The corporate banking solution supports both international and domestic trade transactions, including settlement and financing for exports and imports. It also provides the issuance of secured short-term loans to facilitate transactions.

Payment and Remittance

HSG’s corporate banking solution contains the system elements needed for both a payment gateway and a payment module to provide payment and remittance. This is accompanied by comprehensive inward and outward records, as well as the necessary routing to complete the payment.


The solution goes further to support treasury processes, assisting with the effective management of finances and offering insight into investment and risk coverage needs.

Customer 360

The customer 360 offered by the HSG corporate banking solution provides visibility into each customer, collating both structured and unstructured data about each customer to create a detailed and accurate profile. The enterprise can use this information to personalize customer relationships and derive crucial insights on how to expand wallet-share.

Implementation of Corporate Banking Solution