Cloud-Ready, Advanced and Agile

The cloud offers vastly greater operational efficiency, capabilities and cost-effectiveness than legacy systems. The HSG Core Banking provides a system that has the robustness and agility to help them realise these benefits, on a foundation that supports and encourages innovative banking products customised to precise target markets.

Key offerings of HSG Core banking

Customer Centric

Support G-CIF and E-CIF protocols, allowing an integrated customer information directory.

Business & Accounting Separation

Business and accounting is separated by GL engine, ensuring no impact to business by accounting changes.

Product Customization

Customize new products at ease with efficiency by parameterizing rich attributes for business needs.

Operation Management

Customized organization structure level setting that covers the security and compliance concerns.

Interest Rate Pricing

Adjust interest rate pricing levels per specific products and in accordance to market rate.

Clearing Hierarchy

Support unified and multi-level fund clearing model to reduce risk and workload.

Fee Pricing

Many types of built-in Fees management product with flexible customizations available.

Parameter Management

Parameters are centrally managed in 1 platform, with historical logs retained for records.

FX Rate Pricing to Market

FX rate from the market can be customized for different clients, supporting transaction and accounting records.

Customer Accounts

Customer account management can set to be accessed via multiple levels.

Comprehensive Product Types

Incorporates a wide range of traditional and latest banking products, with fast adaptation to business changes.


Response to market changes and provide latest solutions anytime, anywhere.

How HSG Core Banking addresses the key challenges of clients

Improve operational excellence and leverage nimble flexibility to adapt

The HSG Core Banking enables clients to automate many of their processes for greater efficiency and improved customer satisfaction. Banks can do this with rules-based STP, ensuring that unnecessary human intervention is eliminated but retained for specific instances where it’s needed.

The HSG Core Banking offers the flexibility to ensure that the changes they make to their processes are reconciled to the regulatory framework they operate under.

Achieve innovative capabilities to increase customer engagement

Adopting the HSG Core Banking solution makes it possible for banks to develop, customise and deploy new products with enhanced speed to market, efficient resource usage, and improved cost-effectiveness. The open API-led infrastructure of the HSG Core Banking solution and its microservices architecture enables clients to adopt new integrations that offer customers expanded features and functionality, allowing clients to stay innovative and abreast with customer expectations.

Leverage deep, relevant customer insights for informed, intelligent decision making

The HSG Core Banking provides clients with the ability to gain clear visibility into the customer experience across the bank’s entire product ecosystem. Through a 360-degree view of the customer, clients can derive insights on exact user expectations and how to optimise their offerings for improved engagement.

This data-driven customer intelligence can also be applied to enterprise customers, enabling the bank to optimise and personalise its approach to individuals within a customer organisation to improve outcomes.

Scale easily and with certainty

The cloud nativity offers a more certain path to scaling by giving them on-demand access to resources to support their precise rate of growth. This maximizes cost-effectiveness as clients only upscale to meet shortfalls, with the possibility to retire or repurpose infrastructure that has become redundant for its present use.

Clients can do this for the system as a whole to power wholesale growth, or per each module, offering, or integration to capitalise on more targeted scaling opportunities. The different approaches are made possible by the componentised structure of the HSG Core Banking.