Warm Celebration of the Successful Production of APB’s New Core System



In early February 2024, we ushered in a historic moment when the new generation of APB core banking system was successfully launched. This marks a significant improvement in APB's information technology capabilities and another important milestone for HSG in the Lao market.

APB – Agricultural Promotion Bank Co., Ltd. was established in 1993. Now, it is a state-owned joint commercial bank jointly owned by the Lao government and Phongsuptavy Group Co., Ltd. At present, APB has 1 headquarters, 17 branches, 82 service units, and 113 ATMs in different regions across the country.

HSG – Hi Sun FinTech Global Limited (HSG) is a technology company focuses on financial technology and core system implementation, providing “turn-key” solutions and digital transformation services for the financial services industry (FSI).

In the APB new generation banking system construction project, HSG undertook the construction of several products, including core banking system, channel integration platform, integrated counter system, AML system, reporting system and so on.

The launch of the new system will greatly improve the service efficiency and customer experience of APB, and provide a solid foundation for the development of the bank’s business.

HSG greatly appreciates that APB chose our products and services. In the future, we will continue to provide higher quality and more professional technical services and support for the bank with our own professionalism and persistence!