Partner Success Stories

Partner Success Story with AWS

Stellar Support from a Reliable Partner

HSG benefits from AWS predominantly in two ways. The fintech provider’s development and implementation of cloud-native SaaS solutions involve considerable interactions with clients and their customers located overseas. The solidity of the AWS architecture enables overseas projects can be easily carried out on the AWS cloud. This makes product development and implementation more convenient and cost-effective. It also makes it easy for their clients to integrate and deploy the systems without any delay.

Secondly, AWS meets all the stringent standards that HSG clients expect from cloud platform. These primarily relate to the security, and stability of system deployment. As it’s a fintech product, privacy violation is a serious threat, which AWS comprehensively addresses with its advanced security features. Considering the exponentially high number of expected transactions, banks and financial service providers also demand that their systems be stable, something that AWS effortlessly provide.

Going Global with AWS

“Our global ambitions are driven on the back of AWS,” says Terry. As a global innovator in cloud computing, AWS comes with exceptional name recognition. This makes it easy for HSG clients to trust and roll out their SaaS solutions. Terry and his team have found that AWS advantages go beyond its technological leadership to its many global nodes that encourage internationalisation. HSG plans to provide more global customers with fintech solutions based on AWS cloud deployment. Encouraged by their success in delivering innovative cloud-based solutions, HSG is now exploring the possibility of cooperating with AWS in other business areas.