Xiaomi & HiSun jointly create a virtual banking system



Xiaomi & HSG jointly create a virtual banking system – Airstar Bank

one of the first virtual banks in Hong Kong, AIrstar Bank Limited. (Airstar Bank) has officially opened for business!

The project of Airstar Bank commenced in December 2018 which had lasted for more than 500 days. It was co-developed by HSG, Xiaomi Financial Services and Airstar Bank. As one of the revolutionary digital banks, Airstar Bank has launched a new generation of virtual bank core banking system which not only provides convenient and efficient financial services for online customers, but fully retains the business foundation of traditional banks simultaneously to sustain the conditions to carry out offline business.

A suite of products leverages on HSG’s core banking system offer Airstar Bank with a full range of business support. The products cover critical aspects such as the fundamental control, accounting center, payment and settlement system, customer information, current deposits, time deposits, loans, inter-bank transactions, remittances, foreign currency exchange, inter-bank lending, bonds and more than a dozen major business modules. To meet the operation requirements of the existing products and business processes of virtual banks, HSG has made specific structural upgrades and optimizations based on the characteristics of virtual banking business initiation channels which are mainly digital based, while fully supporting 24/7 of uninterrupted online business. The suite has provided an extensive support on the stability of system operation under high concurrency workload condition.

The official launch of Airstar Bank to the public marks HSG’s breakthrough in the emerging market of virtual banking. HSG will work with Airstar Bank to improve the new banking services and product experience in the digital age!

The product features of HSG Virtual Banking are as follows:

  • The proven Hong Kong banking core system has more than 100 successful implementation cases in overseas and Hong Kong and Macau regions where Hong Kong has already accounted for more than 30 production cases. It fully supports the characteristics of the digital nature of virtual banks, while taking into account the ability of supporting offline services and the time to market;
  • Supports rapid global deployment by standardizing basic products support which does not only provide unified products applicable to the world, but also offers customizations to cater any differentiated needs and regional preferences. Through parameter customization, it can meet the needs of banks to quickly go online and open;
  • The core banking system has been fully commercialized with is flexibly integrative according to clients’ needs;
  • Product parameter configuration are customizable to combine and innovate products according to market needs;
  • Supports multiple technical frameworks and allows flexibility on selecting different operating systems, databases, middleware and other underlying supporting products based on the actual conditions of clients.

HSG is dedicated to continuously optimize our products and services to our clients with the best user experience!