Huawei Intelligent Finance Summit 2022: A Synopsi



At the 2022 Huawei Intelligence Finance Summit, Hi Sun FinTech Global (HSG) was proud to be a Gold sponsor and Guest Speaker at the event. As promised, the summit was a transformative outing where the primary topic was sharing smarter, greener finance.
At the 2022 Huawei Intelligence Finance Summit, Hi Sun FinTech Global (HSG) was proud to be a Gold sponsor and Guest Speaker at the event. As promised, the summit was a transformative outing where the primary topic was sharing smarter, greener finance.

Ideas were explored, discussed, and traded between industry gurus, academic experts, innovative practitioners, and Key Opinion Leaders. Attendees arrived from across the globe to examine the finance industry’s present, near future, and distant future.

More specifically, the formidable, forward-thinking minds in the financial space gathered to examine how their profession relates to green, digital, and smart approaches.

The Summit accomplished its goal to shed light on sustainability and adaptability in an in-flux industry and an unpredictable global economy. Thus, the event can only be seen as a rousing success, given the gears set in motion for a thriving future in digitalised finance.

Also, at the 2022 Huawei Summit, HSG presented a joint solution with Huawei Cloud. This was an immense privilege, and the partnership promises to generate positive, lasting change throughout the industry.

 What Happened At The Huawei Intelligent Finance Summit 2022?

This year’s Huawei-led Finance Summit was held in Singapore from July 20th to the 23rd.

Huawei hosted 100-plus worldwide financial institutions and 50 bank CIOs and showcased strategies to help companies dive head first into cloud-native systems. Another core focus was to harness more value from big data and provide financial services by combining various SaaS products across a wide-open ecosystem.

The event hit on many discussion points, but none more poignant than the speakers for the “Building a Trusted and Innovative Cloud for the Financial Industry” Summit. Here, guests heard about topics such as:

  • How to become and bank everywhere during the era of disruption
  • The transformation in core banking from Monolith to DeFi
  • Using intelligent OLAP to simplify cloud-based data analytics

HSG’s own Sisi Yu delved into the nuances of legacy migration to the cloud. The vastly experienced General Manager explained how it’s possible to shift to more modern technology without all the typical hassles and headaches.

It was an honour for HSG to have Sisi Yu as a representative at the Summit and an equal honour to be a Gold Sponsor. Contributing to such an event carries tremendous significance for HSG–where digitalised finance is more than a job. It’s a passion and a mission.

Digitalised finance has such a tremendous global impact. Being part of that overarching conversation about shaping and preparing for the future is integral to HSG. Specifically, when companies think of solutions to help them adapt to any sudden industry shifts, HSG should come to mind.

Thus, the next part of the event was an even more significant watershed moment for HSG:

 HSG’s Partnership With Huawei Cloud: The Don Of A New Day

In another presentation, Sisi Yu spoke again, but this time with Nicole Lu, the VP of the Partners Ecosystem at Huawei Cloud. Together, they announced the partnership between the two companies for their joint cloud-based legacy platform migration solution.

This partnership promises to thrive based on HSG and Huawei’s shared vision of moving away from the legacy systems of old and equipping clients to flourish in the present and future.

How Can Downsizing Solidify The Future Of Digitalised Finance?

It can be challenging to reconcile how Downsizing and the future go together. Psychologically, people associate the future with “bigger,” be it with ideas or technologies.

However, “big” should remain in the past regarding digitised finance. Yet, many influential players in the space have to grasp the need for Downsizing. Despite blockchain, the Internet of things, AI, big data, and–most relevantly–cloud computing, far too many organisations have held onto their legacy mainframes.

Updated, new-wave technologies are crucial to staying competitive and meeting modernisation objectives. Still, antiquated legacy mainframe systems persist throughout the financial industry, primarily found in banks. The pitfalls of these systems are as follows:

  • Costs are exponential
  • The architecture is rigid
  • Closed loops are an issue
  • Skills are lost

HSG and Huawei’s joint legacy migration solution indicate that the winds of change are blowing. More institutions, including banks, are coming to grips with their need to Downsize to cloud-based platforms.

In doing so, these organisations free themselves from monopolies once and for all. They can reduce technological costs, offset security risks, and enjoy independent control.

 How Can Financial Organisations Benefit From The HSG And Huawei Partnership?’

Huawei’s reputation for its adaptable, reliable, and efficient enterprise one-stop cloud solutions is no secret to anybody. Its relationship with HSG is the ideal marriage because it takes all the functional benefits of the cloud and tailors them to the financial space.

Thus, clients enjoy all the reliability that is a trademark of Huawei while fostering the strengths of HSG’s Downsizing solution.

HSG’s team has spent years obtaining practical experience developing and implementing legacy mainframe-based banking solutions. Then in recent years, HSG has integrated those solutions with cloud-native distributed architecture.

This combined experience allows HSG to create harmony between old and new systems, offering clients intelligent, innovative, and economic Downsizing services. Organisations using HSG’s solutions shift from legacy mainframe environments to cloud computing in a streamlined, headache-free manner.

These Downsizing solutions reduce application logic intrusion while boosting openness, scalability, and flexibility. This way, application and integration expansion are streamlined, bolstering business innovation agility and upgrading demand response performance.

Furthermore, the application can be vertically split by the entire cloud-native distributed solution provided through HSG and Huawei’s partnership. This way, the application functions as independent microservices based on the high cohesion and low coupling principle. The data can also expand horizontally and online.  

A Promise For A Better Financial Future

The 2022 Huawei Financial Summit was undoubtedly a success and brought forth an exciting new partnership between HSG and Huawei. It was an opportunity to discuss the future and explore ideas most conducive to sustainability and adaptability in digitalised finance.

With that said, key decision-makers who think this innovative joint legacy migration solution can give them a helpful nudge into the future should contact HSG today.