HSG Proudly Claims The HK01 Innovative Enterprise Financial Solution Award



Driven by the pandemic and policies, Hong Kong’s banking and financial sectors have embraced the digital revolution.

These industries have accelerated technology adoption. They intend to harness the full potential of the game-changing tools and features offered by digitisation.

With those sentiments in mind, Hong Kong 01 (HK01) and ICON ran–for the second time–a joint event called the Fintech Foresight Seminar this past November.

During this momentous occasion, a collection of some of the great minds in Hong Kong’s FinTech space gathered to discuss the future of the financial technology industry. Also, high achievers–like HSG–were recognised for their industry-disrupting accomplishments.

A Notable Event With Heavyweight Guests And Enlightening Topics Of Discussion

Several Hong Kong banking and financial industry heavyweight guests attended HK01’s FinTech Foresight Seminar, such as:

  • Dr Xu Zhiguang, Chief Technology Officer of the Technology Research Institute
  • Mr Sun Dong, Secretary for Innovation, Technology, and Industry
  • Mr Chen Zhiquang, Chief Information Security Officer for Furong Bank

FinTech interconnection, cross-border FinTech deployments, and cross-border economic connections were the primary themes discussed during the seminar.

Amid those lively discussions and heavyweight industry figures, HSG got its opportunity to glow in the spotlight.

The HK01 Fintech Excellence Awards

HK01 celebrated the industry’s most accomplished players with its FinTech excellence awards. A shared trait of all winners was providing innovative services that equip clients for the fast-approaching future.

HSG is proud to announce that we received the HK01 Innovative Enterprise Financial Solution Award. Our top-tier products–and technology innovation–customer-oriented service, and competitive pricing were the main reasons we stood out from the pack.

Receiving this award was an honour and a privilege. It further heightens the meaning behind the big-picture impact of our work and long-term mission.

This commendation further drives us to leverage our deep-rooted core banking advantage for our clients and to keep offering them a competitive edge via digital transformation. Expect more big things from us–and more awards–in the near and distant future.