HSG was invited to participate in HKTDC’s Star Leaders Seminar: “Leverage Hong Kong’s Advantages Explore Innovation & Technology Business Opportunities”


Press Release

The Star Leaders Seminar, “Leverage Hong Kong's Advantages Explore Innovation & Technology Business Opportunities” was held successfully. Thank HKTDC again for inviting HSG to participate in this sharing session.

On December 3, Sisi Yu, General Manager of HSG, gave an online sharing on how to make good use of Hong Kong’s advantages to develop new opportunities for innovation and technology. In the meeting, Mr. Wong, Deputy Director of Research of HKTDC, Sisi Yu and Dr. Guo, General Manager of Yonyou (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd., conducted a series of communications and discussions. HSG has shared the following views.

Q: Under the current COVID pandemic, how can we make better use of technology to accelerate development?

A: This pandemic is both an opportunity and a challenge for us. It has increased the digital demand for banking and finance, and HSG adopts cloud services to help customers quickly realize their product solutions. This is an excellent opportunity for us. At the same time, we need to meet the market’s needs. It is also a challenge for us to update our products and improve our services continuously.

Q: Does it need to be localized when promoting products worldwide?

A:  As in the banking and financial services industry, we often need to meet localized requirements in the following aspects:

  • Our products need to meet local regulatory policy requirements;
  • Products must respect the local language and cultural needs;
  • The needs of customers in different regions varied, and we need to be customer-centric and meetcustomers’needs in different regions.

Q: Does Hong Kong play any role in your connections with overseas markets?

A: Hong Kong plays a vital role, mainly in the following aspects:

  • Hong Kong has attracted a lot of capital, technology and talents, which can enable our companies to serve our customers better;
  • As a bridge, Hong Kong will lead us to achieve betterglobalization, so that we can better expand our business and market;
  • Many financial activities launched in Hong Kong have created opportunities for companies to show themselvesand provide companies with a platform to connect with the outside world andmany market opportunities.