HSG Standout Qualities

Enterprise Strength

Our global banking services expertise covers different regions across the globe. In our 20-year history, more than 30 overseas banks have used the HSG core banking system.

We have experience with adapting our products and approach to meet varying local regulations and market practices.
Our solutions are comprehensive and robust enough to support 100% project implementation, and we’ve carefully nurtured a solid and transparent industry reputation.

Technical Strength

Our solutions are built on the foundation of cutting-edge tech, so they can offer industry-leading functionality, efficiency, and convenience. That applies to our business processing tech, our pioneering e-Banking processing tech, and our mobile payment technology.

Team Strength

HSG, and its clients by extension, gains further excellence of service from having a highly experienced and diverse team. It’s made up of people from different backgrounds, elevating HiSun’s global appeal. The average experience of team members exceeds 20 years.

Service Strength

HSG’s comprehensive banking system products are the among main contributors to its proven ability to power clients’ success. And they’re backed by an equally exhaustive services support framework. That includes consulting, system planning, and solution design and development, which are all critical for financial firms to maximise success. Other similarly essential services that HSG expertly provides include system operation and maintenance support.

Leveraging global and local expertise to deliver banking solutions in over 20 countries outside of Greater China.

Client Success Stories

HSG Helps ZA Bank Become First Virtual Bank in Hong Kong
With the aid of HSG’s financial technology solutions, ZA Bank has established their virtual banking services as the first launcher in Hong Kong.
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Client Success Story with CBI Money UAB
The subsidiary of China Binary New Fintech Group has facilitated the rapid development of trade between China and Europe by leveraging HSG’s solution.
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Success Story with Airstar Bank
Our Hi Sun Banking Suite (HBS) has offered the infrastructural support for Airstar Bank to roll out cutting-edge banking solutions and deliver stellar banking services to each & everyone.
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Discovering the Macao Development Bank - HSG Fit
The Hi Sun Banking Suite (HBS) core banking system was a natural fit for Macao Development Bank to offer customers the truly innovative services they were aiming to provide.
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