Announcing HSG’s Pre-Implementation Consultancy Kick-Off With a Local Bank in Vanuatu

At HSG, we are thrilled to announce our Requirement Study Workshop kick-off with a Local Bank in Vanuatu.

This event reflects our never-ending commitment to the digital transformation of core banking systems.

HSG’s partnership with this Local Bank is exciting and filled with incredible potential, as it promises to offer transformative results.

HSG Downsizing Legacy Mainframe Systems: All You Need to Know

The global financial industry today is undergoing tremendous pursuit of IT innovation to achieve respective competitiveness and modernization objectives. New technologies such as cloud computing, big data, blockchain, Internet of things, and artificial intelligence are trendy means for achieving such objectives.


高陽寰球在亞洲銀行及財經 2021 年零售銀行會議上發表演講,討論核心銀行 IT 如何適應數字銀行經濟。

與 AWS 合作的成功案例

來自可靠合作夥伴的一流支持 HSG 主要通過兩種方式從 AWS 中受益。金融科技提供商開發和實施雲原生 Saa […]